Hi, I'm BrothersInArmsFan4. As you can plainly see, I am a big "Brothers in Arms" fanatic. I became interested in "Brothers in Arms" when I was in a Gamestop one day and I saw Hell's Highway for the Xbox 360 for sale. I was curious by it because I was wondering why they made a video game that's based on an American loss. As I later found out by Randy Pitchford, executive producer of Gearbox Software, that "Because of the strategic defeat, I think this is one of the most interesting stories." And boy was he right. I never became so interested in the story of "Brothers in Arms" that I wanted to see if Gearbox Software and Ubisoft had made any other "Brothers in Arms" games for the Xbox or Xbox 360. Luckily, they had. They had Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood both for the original Xbox and were both from two different perspectives (Baker and Red) about the Battle of Normandy on June 6. Ever since I bought "Hell's Highway", I was hooked on Brothers in Arms.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway novelEdit

I was looking through the instruction manual for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and I noticed at the very end of the manual, there was a novel by John Antal (who I later found out to be the military historian/director of Brothers in Arms) about Hell's Highway. I later went on Amazon and purchased the novel and thought it was a very compelling piece of work. The other characters in the Brothers in Arms novel (including Red, Corrion, Mac, Franky, Zanovich, Holden, Dawson, and many others) are mentioned, but I thought they may have been secondary characters as opposed to new characters in the novel such as Private First Class Johnny Swanson, Colour Sergeant Cathal Gilchrist, and more. Despite these new characters in the book, I actually liked it.

Talk with Col. John AntalEdit

In November 2009, I contacted Col. John Antal and asked him if he ever thought about writing two more Brothers in Arms novels like "Road to Hill 30" or "Earned in Blood" the two video games prior to "Hell's Highway". About a month later after I contacted him, he replied that he "did not have plans to write a prequel to Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway for Earned in Blood or Road to Hill 30, but anything is possible."

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