aka Lemuel Padua

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is Student, potential Soldier
  • I am Male
EiB 2015-09-19 14-37-13-715

'Throwing a Grenade'

Visit these pages above, I don't really have time to design up this page.

But here's the basics, I'm a modder of Brothers in Arms, is of teenage years old. And I have been enjoying Rendroc's mod since.

I mostly take screenshots with the mod, as for this image. I took the shot myself with the help of console commands. You can see my other images in most Road to Hill 30 map pages.


Bia 2015-10-16 21-47-56-3971

Just finished up on this image, if you find it somewhere else other than my facebook, or Moddb profile. Otherwise, it's stolen.

Map is Cole's Charge, custom edition by me.

Scene is modified via Unrealed

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Someone was inspired to make Baker's Death Pistol appear into Fallout : New Vegas, I'm grateful.

Game is Fallout : New Vegas

Mod is SP ARMAMENTARIUM weapons mod.

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