Hello, my name is Yaujj75 and i am the admin in this wiki. I am going to leave a to-do list so you guys can recommend what to do add or things improve the wiki. Just put the idea with you username in the To do list and explain in detail in my message wall. I still haven't touch on other games and even the novel. However, I am thinking on expanding the mobile game pages or other that lack in department. So I am not done making massive reforms to this wiki.

Achievement Customization

History with Brothers in Arms and the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Brothers in Arms is the first video game I discovered when I was young on my father's Nokia 7610. Interested, I searched more about the game and it lead me to YouTube where I discovered a lot of things like CoD, Total War and other more. The first game I completed is Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, a mobile game, I like the gameplay and the story. I also check this wiki before and I didn't realized the poor condition of this wiki. I like the transcript of the chapter pages because it gives a narrative feel to the game you played. As an honor of this game, I decided to fix the wiki in any way. This is the second wiki I become admin and the first I managed to be active and made massive reforms.

To-Do List[edit | edit source]

Here is all the list needed to improve the wiki. Other people ideas is welcomed as long you put your username.

  • Transcript addition or improvements
  • Adding the page of company involving the series.
    • Gameloft
  • Adding SAV Photos into the wiki.
  • Improve Brothers in Arms Wiki pages

My Favourite Pages[edit | edit source]

These are the pages that serve as a perfect example for every pages in the wiki.

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Wiki Ideas to Form[edit | edit source]

  • Early Edition (TV)
  • The Fall (Game)
  • Blackwell (Game)
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