We Happy Fewer is the 13th chapter of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

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Two soldiers down, and one turns on his brother instead of their enemy.

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Everyone drives their jeeps down,the scene cuts to Baker's Jeep that has the names of the men they lost; Muzza, Risner, Allen, Garnett, Rivas, Desola, Paige, Doyle, Obi; Leggett,it now has Franky; Marsh's names on it.

McCreary talks about Franky.

McCreary: I can't believe they got him. He was always so damn spry.

Baker: He took a bunch of 'em with him.

McCreary: Was it... quick,at least?

Baker: Not especially. Sorry... I didn't ... I didn't mean to, uh... Sorry.

Scene cuts over to Corrion's Jeep,where Dawson is sitting next to Franky's helmet.

Dawson: Jeep feels emptier,you know

Dawson then sees something.

Dawson:Stop the jeep!

Corrion: What?!

Dawson:Stop the goddamn jeep!

Scene cuts to Jasper's jeep where all the jeeps stop.

Roselli: Now what?

Dawson got out of the jeep.

Jasper:Looks like Dawson had to piss,

Dawson heads to a British soldier, Crews.

Jasper:...on a British guy?

Dawson starts berating Crews.

Dawson:Where did you nick it from?

Crew: What?

O'Neil: Mate,I really suggest you don't do that again.

Dawson: Where!

Crew: Eindhoven! I didn't think anyone would want it back.

Dawson: You were wrong!

Baker came up.

Baker: Mike! What the hell are you doing?

Dawson: You know,for a few minutes,I actually believed in your shit,Baker!

Baker: What the hell is wrong with you? It's just a random Brit in an American Jacket! Would you calm down?

Dawson moves Crew,having his back in front of Baker,revealing the Jacket has Franky's name.

Dawson: Does this look random to you?

Baker look at the name,at Red's jeep,Red, Friar look at the name:"Bullet Magnet" on the Jeep.

Friar:Why did you let Jasper write that on the hood?

Hartsock: It was funny at the time.

Friar:What about now?

Hartsock: Has it's moments.

Paddock try to get the shifter to move.

Paddock:This shifter gets stuck one more time, I'm gonna put the bitch out of her misery.

Back to Baker,as Crew; O'Neil are talking..

Baker:We're leaving.

Dawson:Are you turning your back to me?

Baker: In case you forgot,Nancy Drew. We're not solving a fucking mystery here. We need to get to Oedenrode.

Baker walks back to the jeep with Dawson watching,12 hours later,at Oedenrode castle,Red tells Mac what happened.

Mac: So,Marsh & that new kid were the only casualties.

Hartsock: Yeah,so far. Can I speak freely?

Mac: Son,in case you ain't noticed,this ain't exactly Headquarters. No need to be so polite. Speak away.

Hartsock: It's Baker. Something's not right with him.

Mac: What do you mean?

Hartsock: Don't tell him I told you any of this,but he was seeing stuff that's wasn't there. He takes it all so hard,you know? -- When men die.

Mac:How do you take it?

Hartsock: Nothing good was ever free.

they heard Paddock, Friar shouting as Paddock has a Pistol,to use it to shoot a Jeep.

Paddock: Move,Friar! I'm just gonna drop a couple through the block, be on my merry little way.

Friar: Paddock! You are not shooting the Jeep!

Mac: I think everyone needs to get some rest.

Hartsock: Huh. Yeah,I guess you're right.

Mac gets up, started to walk away...

Hartsock: Wait, What should we do about,Baker?

Mac: Well,I guess you're gonna have to talk to him Red. You never told me anything,remember. Mac walks into his tent.

Cutscene Ends.

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